Verified Mark Certificates are launching in July. Do you qualify?

    We’re excited to announce that Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) will be available for purchase in early July!   What are VMCs?   VMCs allow you to display your trademarked logo next to the sender field on every email you send, making it visible to your recipient even ... Leer Más »

29º Jun 2021
Changes coming to SSL domain validation policies

SSL Domain revalidation will be required every 398 days Mozilla and the CA/B Forum are reducing domain validation reuse to 398 days. This will require your customers who manage prevalidated domains to revalidate their domains each year. The policy change is expected to take effect on October 1, 2021.SSL Domain control validation (DCV) using ... Leer Más »

7º May 2021
Say Goodbye to 2-Year Certificates and Hello to Multi-Year SSL Plans

As of September 1st, 2-year certificates have been replaced by multi-year SSL plans offering similar benefits September 1, 2020, marked the dawn of a new era for SSL certificates. Multi-year SSL certificates are now history. The only certificates that will be trusted by major browsers will be those with a validity period of 397 days or less. Why ... Leer Más »

13º Nov 2020